DVD - Pedro Torres: Dressage & Working Equitation

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DVD - Pedro Torres: Dressage & Working Equitation

Working Equitation, the new, competitive discipline developed in the 1990s from the style of working riders in Southern European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, has its roots in the work of herdsmen throughout the centuries. Competitions are divided into four phases: dressage, ease of handling, speed and cattle penning. Pedro Torres of Portugal is the sport's most winning trainer and competitor. He guides viewers through the various requirements placed on horse and rider and demonstrates how to introduce an inexperienced horse to its first obstacles on a Working Equitation trail.

Pedro Torres is based at Quinta dos Cedros, near Lisbon, Portugal.

Playing Time 87 minutes. DVD. Producer: Pferdia/Wehorse. Teaching program according to §14 JuSchG

Spieldauer: ca. 87 Minuten. Lehrprogramm gemäß §14 JuSchG. DVD Format. Sprache: Englisch. Produzent: Pferdia/wehorse.

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