Ingrid Klimke - Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way

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Ingrid Klimke - Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way

Olympic gold-medal-winner Ingrid Klimke was born under a bright star when it came to fulfilling dreams of equestrian greatness. Her father, the renowned Dr. Reiner Klimke, was an Olympic rider himself, and he instilled his principles of training and riding with the good of the horse in mind in his daughter at a young age. By all accounts Ingrid has furthered her father´s esteemned legacy, tirelessly championing a balanced, fair, and caring system of training the horse that ensures his physical and mental well-being even while preparing him for the very top leves of internationsl competition.

Format: 17,5 x 24,5 cm, fester Einband, 170 Seiten, durchgehend farbig. Englische Ausgabe. 
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