DVD Anja Beran - Elegant Dressage Training Part 3

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DVD Anja Beran - Elegant Dressage Training Part 3

A sound and careful basic training is the most important foundation for any horse's successful development. In Volume 3 of the Elegant Dressage Training DVD series, Anja Beran and her mentor Manuel Jorge de Oliveira show how advanced horses progressively "grow into" the more demanding exercises of classical equitation. This DVD also discusses common problems experienced during training, for example, natural crookedness.

The Elegant Dressage Training series aims to develop and create a better understanding of how the use of appropriate methods, adapted to the horse's needs, contributes substantially to the horse's mental and physical health. In this DVD, Dr. Matilda Holmer-Rattenhuber explains bio-mechanical aspects of dressage training and horses.

Anja Beran spent a major part of her childhood at her grandfather’s hunting lodge in Bavaria, surrounded by hunting dogs and horses. There she decided she would one day either be a forester or a professional rider. Beran ultimately chose riding as her life’s work. Horses brought her to Portugal in 1985, where she initially rode with Luis Valenca, and later met and worked intensively with Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, who remains her mentor. At home in Germany, she spent 16 years under the tutelage of Marc de Broissia, training horses of all breeds before eventually managing and running Gut Rosenhof, an astoundingly beautiful mountain farm and training facility in Rudratsried, Bayern, Germany. Horses are now sent from all over the world to work with her and her outstanding staff—at Gut Rosenhof, every horse is allowed to develop at his own individual speed, gently, and with great care for the classical ideal of true horse and rider harmony.

Playing Time 87 minutes. DVD . Producer: Pferdia/Wehorse. Teaching program according to §14 JuSchG

Spieldauer: ca. 87 Minuten. Lehrprogramm gemäß §14 JuSchG. DVD  Format. Sprache: Englisch. Produzent: Pferdia/wehorse.

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