DVD - Rider Body Language - Seat Training with Video Analysis

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DVD - Rider Body Language - Seat Training with Video Analysis

Developing a soft seat that moves with the horse allows you to enjoy

simple communication with your horse; the feeling that all you

have to do is "think" and being able to ride with just the

subtlest shift in your weight. This program explains subtleties

of movement and correct and incorrect aids, supported by

slow-motion studies, detailed diagrams, theoretical explanations

and practical exercises to try at home.

Marlies Fischer-Zillinger a physiotherapist, and Claudia Weissauer,a riding instructor were brought together by a passion for horses and the idea of combining their expertise for superior rider performance.

Playing Time 80 minutes. DVD . Producer: Pferdia/Wehorse. Teaching program according to §14 JuSchG.

Spieldauer: ca. 80 Minuten. Lehrprogramm gemäß §14 JuSchG. DVD  Format. Sprache: Englisch. Produzent: Pferdia/wehorse.

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